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AOL Music Sessions

Q&A 1: Is “It Didn’t Make a Sound” Personal
Q&A 2: Transition to Singing Lead
Q&A 3: Care About Genre
Q&A 4: Jakob Dylan Collaboration
Q&A 5: Family Life & Touring
Q&A 6: Goals For the CYH
April’s Love
Behind The Sessions
It Didn’t Make A Sound
The Coast
Then Again


Degree/Lilith Commercial
NatGeo: Great Migrations
Target CD Commercial

Degree Women

Degree/Lilith Commercial
Degree: The Coast
Degree: April’s Love
Degree: It Didn’t Make A Sound


It Didn’t Make A Sound

Good Morning America

The Coast
April’s Love

Imus in the Morning

It Didn’t Make A Sound
The Coast


Access Hollywood
BBC Breakfast
CMT Canada: One On One part 1
CMT Canada: One On One part 2
CMT Canada: Shoe Incident/Being A Duo
CMT Canada: Bringing Kids To Work
CMT Canada: Jakob Dylan
CNN Interview
Country Stars Central
E! News Now (preview)
E! News (interview)
Live @ 7
Logo: New Now Next
Globe & Mail
MSN Exclusive
Slice Canada part 1
Slice Canada part 2
The Hour
Xpose (Ireland)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The Coast

Late Show with David Letterman

Ain’t No Son

Late Late show with Craig Ferguson

The Coast

Late Late Show (Ireland)

The Coast

Lilith Fair

Lilith Recap (Kansas City) • Ain’t No Son (Kansas City) • Lil Jack Slade (Kansas City) • Then Again (Kansas City) • Delight (Kansas City) • This Flight (Kansas City) • Lilith Recap (St Louis) • Because The Night (Chicago) •Lilith Recap (Detroit) • The Coast (Detroit) • Lilith Recap (Minneapolis) • Lilith Recap (Toronto) • Ain’t No Son (Toronto) • Walk That Line (Cleveland) • Backstage (Cleveland) • Ain’t No Son (Rochester) • April’s Love (Rochester) • Band Intro (Rochester) • Fear of Wasted Time (Rochester) • Like Fools (Rochester) • ‘Lil Jack Slade (Rochester) • See You in the Spring (Rochester) • The Coast (Rochester) • Then Again (Rochester) •Holding On (Camden) • The Coast (Philadelphia)

Music Videos

It Didn’t Make A Sound
See You in the Spring

Oakville: Mondavi Winery

See You In The Spring

Official Videos

The Story Behind the CYH
The Inspiration (Ep# 1)
City of Thieves (Ep# 2)
Songwriting (Ep# 3)
Taking It On The Road (Ep# 4)
The Coast @ SXSW (Ep# 5)
The CYH Take on London
Happy Holidays
It Gets Better

Portland: Roseland Theater

Well Behaved
It Didn’t Make A Sound/Skyline
See You In The Spring
Unknown Song
I Miss You

Saratoga: Mountain Winery

Straw Cage

South By Southwest Music Festival

Antone’s: Ain’t No Son
Antone’s: See You In The Spring
Antone’s: Caged Bird & Gracefully
Beauty Bar: Well Behaved
Beauty Bar: I Miss You
CBS Sunday Morning
Day Stage Cafe: The Coast
Four Seasons: April’s Love
Four Seasons: It Didn’t Make A Sound
FOX 7 News @ SXSW
Hilton Hotel: Then Again
Hilton Hotel: The Coast
Joe’s Pub: The Coast
Joe’s Pub: It Didn’t Make A Sound
Rolling Stone @ SXSW

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Live From Telluride 
Ain’t No Son

The View

The Coast
Exit Interview

True Blood

I Miss You

Web Chats

Nov 9, 2010: part 1
Nov 9, 2010: part 2
Nov 9, 2010: part 3
Nov 9, 2010: part 4
Nov 9, 2010: part 5
Nov 9, 2010: part 6
Nov 9, 2010: part 7
Nov 9, 2010: part 8
Nov 9, 2010: part 9
Nov 9, 2010: part 10
Nov 9, 2010: part 11
Nov 9, 2010: part 12
Web Chat Promo
When You Wake (12-7-10)
Live From H.E.K.