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Latest Dixie Chicks Tweets

The Chicks r hosting non-partisan voter registration @HeadCountorg at #DCXMMXVI! Bid on great seats & signed poster: bit.ly/DCX4HC

You Decide: Not Ready to Make Nice or Cowboy Take Me Away for Best DCX Song? Vote: dcx.gr/ChicksPicksFin…

Chicks Picks Finale! Which will be crowned Best DCX Song? Not Ready to Make Nice or Cowboy Take Me Away? Vote: dcx.gr/ChicksPicksFin…

Which will Not Ready to Make Nice face in the Chicks Picks Finale? Earl or a Cowboy? Vote: dcx.gr/ChicksPicks10 pic.twitter.com/Mq2gX5a0z2

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We're on to the semi-finals in Chicks Picks! Wide Open Spaces v. Not Ready to Make Nice ---> dcx.gr/ChicksPicks9 pic.twitter.com/O3TfyYsdRg

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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 'Taking the Long Way' released on this day in 2006 & newly available on vinyl! 🎉 pic.twitter.com/O1pr8cg1NL

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It's been 10 years since they last headlined the U.S. but in 10 days... The Chicks are back! bit.ly/DCXMMXVITour pic.twitter.com/M5xoYD5vll

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2 very different songs... 1 tough decision! Who should advance in Chicks Picks: Goodbye Earl v. Landslide? Vote now! dcx.gr/ChicksPicks8

Win all 4 of the newly released DCX Vinyls! Go here now to get entered ---> dcx.gr/DCXVinylGiveaw… pic.twitter.com/hp50gnzi2F

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#TBT to day off from #DCXMMXVI in Amsterdam - need to get back soon! pic.twitter.com/eF4nQNaTo4

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Still time to vote for this round of favorite DCX song! Cowboy Take Me Away v. The Long Way Around - vote here: dcx.gr/ChicksPicks7

Halfway thru Chicks Picks! Need your votes for Cowboy Take Me Away v. The Long Way Around: dcx.gr/ChicksPicks7 pic.twitter.com/n0uqbEPhWJ

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Wide Open Spaces vs. Travelin' Soldier - which one should win in the search for Best DCX Song? Vote now ---> dcx.gr/ChicksPicks6

Music is only half of the #DCXMMXVI experience - meet the video guys! U.S. Tour in 15 days: bit.ly/DCXMMXVI pic.twitter.com/2cqlFF6flb

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Battle for the best DCX song continues! Not Ready to Make Nice vs. Long Time Gone Vote ---> dcx.gr/ChicksPicks5 pic.twitter.com/1c0qnllQbh

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New #DCXMMXVI show in #Louisville now on sale! Grab your tickets for 9/22 show @kfc_yumcenter here: livemu.sc/1ZiXLVh

Just a few hours left in this vote for favorite DCX Song... Earl is looking lively! Ready to Run vs. Goodbye Earl dcx.gr/ChicksPicks4