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Welcome to Chicks Rock! Chicks Rule!

This is a Dixie Chicks fan website where you can be connected to other fans around the world via the Message Board, watch hundreds of Dixie Chicks Videos, read the latest Dixie Chicks News, and listen to hundreds of Audio files. Have fun and be sure to check out the About CRCR page!

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We also have a page dedicated to the Court Yard Hounds

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YES! twitter.com/tracy_paskoff/…

Yes, merch will be available at all #DCXMMXVI shows too - see you there! twitter.com/juliahanadi/st…

How long do you wanna be loved? ❤️🎶 New DCX merch available now ---> bit.ly/DCXShop pic.twitter.com/o6yeEu4cXe

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Another new DCX shirt released today! View them all here ---> bit.ly/DCXShop pic.twitter.com/KZ8vadP9vX

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Don't worry guys, we didn't forget about you! Check out this new DCX shirt now: bit.ly/PropertyoftheC… pic.twitter.com/ywZxW6wTDS

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Loved seeing your feedback on this! We took it into account and are releasing new merch VERY soon! pic.twitter.com/pOvIuGlcjL

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56 shows across 10 countries as the #DCXMMXVI Tour gets set to take off! Will you be there? bit.ly/DCXMMXVITour pic.twitter.com/7FvWxyBeTj

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Meet DCX Superfan of the Month Elissa! She wrote her master's thesis on the Chicks! Read: bit.ly/DCXFebruarySup… pic.twitter.com/7DpVHOsJq5

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Including the DCX show - NOT cancelled, we'll see you all June 3rd Cleveland! twitter.com/BlossomMusicCt…

You might have something there... ☀️🔥❄️ twitter.com/juliamaeveryan…

2016 marks 10 years since Taking the Long Way. Learn more about album producer Rick Rubin & his influence on DCX: bit.ly/DCXRickRubin

Looks great! Thanks for joining #DCXMMXVI tour club! twitter.com/timelessmartin…

The Dixie Chicks official statement on the passing of Glenn Frey. :( pic.twitter.com/X4gK2pfJy9

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Nothing yet! twitter.com/amber_boyd91/s…

More coming soon for the guys too! twitter.com/andrewwmic/sta…

Need your help for direction on future shirts! Tell us your favorite by tweeting 1, 2 or 3! pic.twitter.com/uNsDSkbb10

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Deal! twitter.com/daniellerockel…